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2017 ARC Centre Directors’ Forum

2017 ARC Centre Directors’ Forum

Image: ARC Executive Director, Dr Fiona Cameron, giving a presentation at the Forum.

The ARC held its annual Centre Directors’ Forum on 26–27 April 2017 in Canberra. This two-day forum brought together around 120 Directors and business managers from ARC Centres of Excellence, Special Research Initiatives (SRI) and Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) Research Hubs and Training Centres. The forum provided a great opportunity for networking with other academics and ARC staff, as well as exchanging ideas and sharing experiences about best practice on a range of topics relating to managing ARC large investments.

Some highlights included:

  • A full day session for Centres of Excellence, SRI and ITRP business managers with interactive roundtable discussions, providing the opportunity to share ideas and experiences in areas such as: industry collaboration; Intellectual Property and commercialisation; governance; change management; succession planning; gender equity and work–life balance.
  • A representative from the steel industry delivered a presentation about collaborating with the ARC Research Hub for Transforming Waste Directly into Cost-effective Manufacturing (The University of New South Wales) to reduce production costs, by using waste and end‐of‐life products as raw materials.
  • A networking session with representatives from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and the Industry Growth Centres.
  • Presentations on how ARC Centres of Excellence, SRIs and ITRPs are collaborating with industry and providing students with industry placements to increase their skills and employment opportunities.
  • The ARC Centre of Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics at The University of Sydney showcased its Gender Action Toolkit during a discussion about promoting gender equity and family-friendly workplace practices.
  • A range of ARC Centres of Excellence, SRI and ITRP Directors delivered short presentations highlighting their recent research.


Image: ARC Executive Director, Dr Fiona Cameron speaking at the Centre Directors' Forum.


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