31 March 2021

The ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Hubs (ITRH) scheme engages Australia's best researchers in issues facing new industrial economies and training its future workforce. The scheme provides funding to Eligible Organisations to engage in cutting-edge research on new technologies and economic, commercial and social transformation which support the development of research outcomes that benefit industry partners in the Industrial Transformation Priorities. 

The ARC Research Hub for Basin Geodynamics and Evolution of Sedimentary Systems (Basin Genesis Hub) is one of the many ARC-supported Research Hubs under the ITRH scheme. The Basin Genesis Hub opened in 2015 with more than $2,700,000 in funding at the time of announcement and is due to wrap up in March 2021. 

The Research Hub brought together a broad range of expertise for the development and application of cutting-edge modelling tools with the aim to undertake simultaneous modelling of deep Earth and surface processes, spanning basin scales to individual sediment grains. 

Many of the resources that are essential for life are found in these basins. They host groundwater and energy resources and they provide potential structures for carbon disposal. Sedimentary basins today are a consequence of processes operating over geological time. To unravel their evolution, the Basin Genesis Hub created virtual worlds that reconstructed Earth's geography to help understand how deep Earth evolution interacts with the surface and follow the path of sediments from mountains to oceans. The Basin Genesis Hub’s software technologies look at the Earth in new ways and are all freely available on the internet. 

The Basin Genesis Hub recently produced a YouTube video that showcases the work the Research Hub conducted over the last five years and how its suite of software technologies has been applied to a wide variety of research topics.