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ARC Centres of Excellence mid-term reviews

ARC Centres of Excellence mid-term reviews

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The ARC has successfully completed mid-term reviews for the ARC Centres of Excellence commencing in 2017 (CE17), during the challenging and ever-changing landscape that was 2020-21. In prior years, mid-term reviews were usually held through face-to-face meetings at the Administering Organisation, and the reviews for the 2017 cohort were held virtually, due to the ongoing pandemic.  

For each ARC review, there was a panel comprising two external expert members (nationally and internationally-based) and chaired by an ARC Executive Director. Each review involved a series of interviews over 2 days, with key personnel involved with the ARC Centre of Excellence.  

Over the course of the review, of the nine 2017 cohort of Centres of Excellence, the ARC engaged with: 

  • 9 Centre Directors 
  • 68 Senior Researchers 
  • 58 Postdoctoral Researchers 
  • 58 Students 
  • 53 Advisory Committee Members 
  • 7 DVCRs 
  • 263 National and International Stakeholders  

Additionally, there were 4 ARC Executive Directors and 17 Expert Panel members giving their time and valuable advice.  

Under ARC Grant Agreements, all Centres are reviewed during their fourth year of operation. The Centre’s performance is evaluated against the scheme objectives and their specific performance targets. The process is intended to be a positive experience for all involved, providing constructive feedback and the opportunity for the Centre to reflect on their achievements and build on their strengths in their second half of operation.  

The Executive Directors, expert panel members and the ARC secretariat staff appreciated the important opportunities to engage directly with the Centres, to learn about the progress of the world-class research programs, and to engage with a range of exceptional researchers and professional staff who support them. 

We commend all the ARC Centres of Excellence for the professional way they embraced the revised logistics of the review process, and we look forward to hearing about their progress as they enter the second half of their funding period.  

The ARC will communicate an overview of the outcomes of the reviews and the recommendations made to the Centres in the next few months. 

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