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ARC trend visualisations

ARC trend visualisations

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The ARC is committed to improving the way our data can be viewed and used, while upholding high standards of privacy and security.  We are working towards making the best use of our data and improving the way we communicate insights with you. 

Recently we launched an exciting new interactive way of viewing and exploring National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) data through trend visualisations.  

You can explore data trends from 2002 by funding commencement year, scheme, research discipline and more. All the data in the visualisations are based on information that was current at the time project applications were approved and announced for funding by the Minister. The trend data we previously published in excel spreadsheets are now available in visualisations powered by Microsoft Power BI. You can explore and interact with the data by using filters in the tool, and the data is still available in excel if you would prefer to analyse it yourself. 

Each webpage includes data insights and notes to provide additional context to the visuals, as well as helpful information about how to apply and remove filters for an enriched experience. 

Today you can view NCGP trend data on the following topics: 

  • Funding Overview – Clearly see funding trends across a number of functions at once. If you want to know how many projects were funded in NSW in 2015, a few clicks will show you the answer (it's 408). On the same page, you can see which administering organisations were awarded funding in which program and scheme. On the second tab, you can see funding trends across years for each state, administering organisation and university group. You can also see the overall upward trend in median funding and return rate. 
  • Administering Organisations – Easily identify trends for university groups, and individual administering organisations by number of projects awarded, amount of funding or specialisation in certain fields of research. 
  • Areas of Research – Explore which fields of research have received ARC funding by funding commencement year, university group, administering organisation and funding program. 
  • Success Rates – In this visualisation you can recognise application trends and see the context of how many and what type of project is funded by the ARC by scheme round start year, scheme, field of research, university group, or a combination of these factors. 
  • Lead Chief Investigator Distribution – more than 22,000 researchers have been funded by the ARC on over 28,000 projects. On this page you can see that just over 12,000 researchers have been named Lead Chief Investigator (CI) on an ARC project and explore the spread of funding between first time and repeat project leaders.  
  • International Collaboration – see which countries ARC researchers are collaborating with. Since 2002, the United States has been collaborated with most frequently and has been listed on over 8600 projects. 

The ARC plans to develop further trend visualisations exploring other themes and will release more visualisations in the new year. 

We would love your feedback on this new innovation. If you have any questions or comments, please contact

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