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Call for nominations for ARC Detailed Assessors

Call for nominations for ARC Detailed Assessors

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The Australian Research Council (ARC) supports the highest-quality fundamental and applied research and research training through the National Competitive Grants Program across all disciplines. At its core is a community of domestic and international researchers who peer review all research applications submitted to the ARC. 

Recruiting now!

In order to increase our assessor pool, the ARC is currently seeking expressions of interest from academic professionals who wish to participate in the peer review process by becoming Detailed Assessors. 

Why become an assessor?

You will have the ability to review current research applications within your field, assisting you in keeping abreast of new research initiatives. You will make a great contribution to the research community as all grants rely on a robust peer review process. You will have the added advantage of seeing how others write their applications, which increases your own knowledge and ability to write a strong application. 

What to expect

As a Detailed Assessor, you may receive between 5–10 applications a year for review. Applications are matched to the expertise listed within your profile in the ARC’s Research Management System (RMS). If you are unable to undertake assessments at a particular time, you can enter your dates of unavailability in RMS.

Next step

If you are interested in joining our field of expert assessors, please email your RMS account username, academic CV and a list of your top five publications to the Peer Review team at

Further information on what it means to be an assessor is available on the Assessor Resources page of the ARC website.

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