14 December 2018

2018 has seen the ARC undertake a fourth full assessment for Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) and the first Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI). The ARC would like to thank the Research Evaluation Committee members, EI panel members, peer reviewers, research offices, and researchers who have contributed to these exercises during the year.

ERA provides our nation with vital information on the state of Australian research. In the first quarter of 2019, the ERA 2018 National Report will deliver a national stocktake of discipline level research areas, identify emerging research areas, and allow for international comparison of Australian research across all discipline areas. The ERA data will also enable a deeper understanding of the Australian university research workforce, its gender balance, and the publishing practices of academics.

EI 2018 will complement ERA, providing clarity to the Government and Australian public about how their investments in university research translate into tangible benefits for all Australians. To do this, EI will highlight some of the best practices from universities in translating research into real world benefits.