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GrantConnect is here

GrantConnect is here

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The ARC will now be publishing all future grant opportunities under the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) on the GrantConnect website—the whole-of-government grants information system.

The new Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines 2017 require all grant opportunities and grant awards to be published on GrantConnect. It serves as the central point for finding all Commonwealth grant opportunities. This provides the ARC with the facility to forecast, publish and amend grant opportunities together with all supporting documentation, in one single location.

The change to GrantConnect has also seen a change in terminology—Funding Rules are now known as Grant Guidelines (or Grant Opportunity Guidelines) and Funding Agreements will be known as Grant Agreements.

As we release each new set of Grant Guidelines for upcoming NCGP scheme rounds, they will be published on Grant Connect as a Forecast Opportunity. When each individual scheme round opens for proposals, documentation about the specific scheme round will be published on GrantConnect as a Grant Opportunity. When publishing a Forecast Opportunity, the ARC is asked to select one ‘primary category’ as being relevant to the scheme. In the absence of a category that covers all disciplines of research supported under the NCGP, the ARC will alternate between ‘category x’ STEM and ‘category y’ HASS in classifying ARC schemes for this purpose.

The public may access all Forecast Opportunity information in GrantConnect and the ARC will continue to provide direct links on the relevant scheme pages of our ARC website. Our ARC website scheme pages will also provide direct links to Grant Opportunity pages. However, to access Grant Opportunity documentation (including Instructions to Applicants, Frequently Asked Questions, Certification Proforma and Sample Application Form), you will be required to be a registered user with GrantConnect. This allows you to set automatic notifications from GrantConnect about new Grant or Forecast Opportunities in your area(s) of interest. You can edit your profile at any time to amend or disable notifications.

The ARC’s Research Management System (RMS) will continue to be used to prepare and submit research proposals, assessments and rejoinders for the National Competitive Grants Program. Grant award data will also remain available in RMS in order to retain the end-to-end grant process, as well as provide longitudinal data.

For further information, please refer to the ARC GrantConnect page  on our website or visit the GrantConnect website directly.  You can also email your queries through to the ARC at

New Grant Guidelines

The ARC is transitioning its Funding Rules to the new whole-of-government Grant Guidelines template.

The template was first used for the Special Research Initiative: PFAS Remediation Research Program (released late last year) and subsequently for the 2020 ARC Centres of Excellence grant guidelines (released in May 2018). All other Discovery and Linkage Program funding schemes are currently being moved to this format.

While the intent of the guidelines remains the same, there will be one key change in presentation―the Grant Guidelines for individual schemes under the Linkage Program will be presented as separate documents.

There will be separate Grant Guidelines for the:

  • Linkage Projects scheme
  • Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme
  • Industrial Transformation Research Program
  • Special Research Initiatives scheme
  • Learned Academies Special Projects and Supporting Responses to Commonwealth Science Council Priorities schemes.

This change reflects the different nature of each of these funding schemes, including the different objectives and eligibility requirements.

The Discovery Program Grant Guidelines will still be a single document incorporating all Discovery Program grant opportunities as separate parts. You must still read the first part in conjunction with the specific scheme in which you are interested.

You will notice that some sections of the Grant Guidelines are unchanged and other sections are different. While it is a translation of information, the new template comes with suggested headings and text that are different from our previous Funding Rules.

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