24 December 2013

A new research project that will improve our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing needs has been awarded funding under the latest round of the Discovery Indigenous scheme, administered by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

On 8 November, the Minister for Education, the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, announced ten new research projects funded under the scheme at a total value of $4.8 million.

Announcing the funding, the Minister said that the Discovery Indigenous scheme was an important tool in allowing Indigenous researchers to excel in their chosen fields.

Some of the research includes:

  • A $370 000 project at The University of New South Wales to improve our understanding of eruptive bushfire behaviour leading to better advice for bushfire authorities concerning fire blow-up
  • A $327 000 project at The University of Sydney to explore the remarkable success of many Indigenous Australians in sport, and to identify the factors that encourage indigenous sporting excellence
  • A $530 000 project at The University of Queensland (UQ) to improve our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing needs, leading to better housing management and housing design and a reduction in crowding and homelessness.

Indigenous architect graduate, Ms Carroll Go-Sam, will lead the team at UQ looking into indigenous housing.

Ms Go-Sam was the first female indigenous architecture graduate in Queensland in 1997, and since that time she has maintained a strong research  focus on housing. One of the key components of her new research is creating a  single data model.

"While researchers and policy makers are able to access housing datasets of various types, much of this data is in separate locations, scattered across numerous organisations in individual and unconnected databases around Australia.

"There is no single point of account to an integrative system that combines qualitative, quantitative and textual information.

"Our project aims to provide an interactive mapping interface to sharpen focus on what is a blurred picture on the true extent of overcrowding, tenant demand and the state of housing stock.

"The key goal of this project is to provide researchers and policy makers with a web portal to an integrated knowledge face that joins data from multiple organisations into a single data model online."

For more information about these funding outcomes please visit the ARC website or view the media announcement kit.


Image: Dawn Lalara, Angurugu, Groote Eylandt, NT. Image courtesy: AG NTG, Remote Housing NT eNews, June 2012.