10 March 2018

The prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme supports outstanding Australian and international researchers and research leaders to build Australia’s research capacity, undertake innovative research programs and mentor early career researchers.

In 2010, the ARC introduced the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellowship—awarded to a highly-ranked female candidate from the humanities, arts and social science disciplines—and the Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship—awarded to a highly-ranked female candidate from the science and technology disciplines.

These Fellowships include additional funding for recipients ($20,000 per year over five years) to undertake an ambassadorial role to promote and support women in research.

To date, fourteen of these named Australian Laureate Fellows from universities across Australia have been supported. Their achievements, or planned achievements, range from activities at the university level to those at the national level. The ARC has recently published details about each Fellow and the important initiatives they are undertaking on the ARC’s Australian Laureate Fellowships webpages.

Some our Georgina Sweet and Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellows include:

  • Professor Nalini Joshi, The University of Sydney—Georgina Sweet Fellow (2012)—Creating new mathematical methods to describe critical solutions of nonlinear systems which are ubiquitous in modern science. Through her ambassadorial and mentoring role, Professor Joshi has organised and funded regular events at annual conferences of the Australian Mathematical Society, and Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics, to feature female plenary speakers. In 2015 she initiated and led Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE), an initiative to encourage and retain women in STEMM in Australia.
  • Professor Leann Tilley, The University of Melbourne—Georgina Sweet Fellow (2015)—Developing a cross-disciplinary program to measure, model and manipulate a complex cellular system—sexual differentiation of the human malaria parasite. Through her ambassadorial and mentoring role, Professor Tilley has been creating a program of activities that will support the promotion of STEM education in Australia at high schools and universities.  
  • Professor Sharon Parker, The University of Western Australia—Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellow (2016)—Studying how transformative work design promotes meaningful, healthy, and productive work. Through her ambassadorial and mentoring role, Professor Parker will undertake a literature review on women academics’ careers, including influencing factors; the design, pilot, and evaluation of an evidence-based program to provide early career academic women with support, mentoring, skill development and networking to enhance their research effectiveness. 

If you’re interested in the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme, or finding out more about the  Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Georgina Sweet Laureate Fellows, visit the ARC website.


Image: 2012 Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellow, Professor Nalini Joshi, from The University of Sydney.