10 March 2017

The Australian Research Council (ARC) is pleased to introduce our freshly updated and expanded Peer Review webpages. We have tried to provide a central location dedicated to the ARC assessor community. Please take some time to look around at the new resources and familiarise yourself with the webpages.  

The ARC’s Peer Review webpages provide a great resource for ARC assessors, including Assessor Handbooks with scheme specific information about assessing proposals and instructions on using our Research Management System (RMS) to submit assessments.

In addition, you can find information on the entire Peer Review process, including conflicts of interest. 

The ARC website also has resources for assessors to help you every step of the way, including:

Assessing ARC proposals is an opportunity to familiarise yourself, in confidence, with other research in your field of expertise. It’s also a great opportunity to read other grant writing examples, and gain an in-depth understanding of the ARC’s Peer Review process. Becoming an ARC assessor is a professional development opportunity that can help you in improving your own grant writing skills.

If you are new to assessing, reading through the policies and guides available from the Assessor Resources webpage is important. Providing a good assessment helps ensure the ARC’s peer review processes are robust and produce the best possible outcomes for Australian research. Completing assessments is also a responsibility of researchers who have been a Chief Investigator on any ARC-funded projects.

Still stuck? You can contact the ARC Peer Review Team for advice. The ARC Peer Review Team is there to support you in producing high-quality assessments within prompt timeframes.