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PFAS Remediation and Destruction Research Forum

PFAS Remediation and Destruction Research Forum

On Wednesday 8 December 2021, the ARC hosted a PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) Remediation and Destruction Research Forum. Over 100 attendees, including stakeholders and potential end-users from Australian State and Federal government departments, industry and the research sector heard about the innovative research being undertaken by the researchers supported by the ARC’s Special Research Initiative (SRI) for PFAS remediation research.  

The SRI aims to facilitate the development of innovative technologies to investigate and remediate PFAS-contaminated media, including soil and other solid-contaminated debris, groundwater, waterways and marine systems. 

During the forum, the SRI’s project leaders each participated in a panel session, where they pitched their research progress and outcomes to date and answered questions from the audience. 

The event also included presentations from special guest speakers, Dr Richard ‘Hunter’ Anderson, and Ms Amanda Lee. Dr Anderson, an environmental scientist at the U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC), joined from Texas USA to provide an international perspective on PFAS contamination and remediation. Ms Amanda Lee, a strategic adviser to the Department of Defence on PFAS, provided an overview of the Australian remediation landscape. 

We would like to thank the attendees, our special guest speakers, and of course the PFAS SRI project leaders for making this event a great success. 

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