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RMS post-award module streamlining ARC processes

RMS post-award module streamlining ARC processes

RMS Post-award module

RMS Post-award module
The ARC is pleased to advise that the Research Management System (RMS) post-award module for Research Offices is now live.

The RMS post-award module is the result of several years of hard work, streamlining business requirements and process improvements. It could not have been achieved without the support of Research Office staff who assisted along the way through feedback received at our outreach sessions and the Research Administrators’ Seminar, and especially through a dedicated working group who provided advice and assistance with developing key system requirements. 

The RMS post-award module significantly improves Research Office access to project data and processes for requesting project variations and submitting required reports.

Changes include:

  • Variations to Funding Agreements (VFAs) for most variations can now be directly submitted to the ARC in RMS by Research Office staff and ARC decisions are displayed in RMS as soon as they are processed. For these variations, VFA forms are no longer required. For a select number of variations, that cannot be processed via RMS, forms are still required.
  • Partner/Participating Organisation Agreed Contribution Reports (POACRs) can be entered directly into RMS by Research Office staff. A POACR form is no longer required.

Research Offices are now also able to see the following information in RMS:

  • Live post-award relevant grant information, including details on funding, Final Reports, End of Year Reports (EOYR) and VFAs.
  • Final Report due date, within the Project details.
  • Historical data for previous years’ EOYRs for a Project.
  • Pre-award information linked to a Project (if it was funded from 2016 onwards).

Instructions are provided in the new 'Research Office instructions for completing and submitting a VFA and/or POACR'  in RMS is available on the ARC website.

The ARC will be seeking formal feedback on the module from Research Office staff in due course, however, any feedback on the module can be sent to the ARC Post-award team at any time.

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