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Submission of final reports

Submission of final reports

opened laptop on a bed of grass

opened laptop on a bed of grass
When considering a new ARC application, remember that all named participants must have fulfilled their obligations in regard to all previously funded ARC projects, including the submission of Final Reports. 

New functionality in our Research Management System (RMS) now prevents the submission of an application where any named participant is also a participant on a funded project that has an outstanding Final Report. This has been implemented to ensure that researchers, Administering Organisations and the ARC meet accountability and reporting obligations in the administration of publicly funded research. 

Outcome reporting plays an increasingly significant role in government research funding and policy. The ARC is committed to improving our processes to meet our reporting obligations, and to ensure the high quality of our funded research is visible to the Australian community. We are equally committed to supporting researchers in meeting their reporting requirements through improvements to our online systems. 

The value of Final Reports is better realised with online submission. We are now able to easily access information on the number and types of outcomes that have been generated, the research training that has been supported, and the research personnel involved. Aggregated statistical information compiled from these reports supports the ARC's advocacy for the funding of quality research that brings economic, commercial, environmental, social or cultural benefits to the Australian community.

Final Reports are due for each Project within either six or twelve months of the final payment of funds, depending on the Funding Agreement applicable to the Project. The Final Report due date is automatically calculated from the Project end date in RMS. 

To assist Administering Organisations, the ARC ensures Final Report due dates are visible through the following mechanisms:

  • the due date appears on the Final Report tab in RMS
  • the Final Report due date is listed on each Grant in RMS
  • the Final Report due date appears against the researcher’s current projects in RMS
  • there is an 'Overdue' status in the Final Reports tab in RMS.

In the two weeks prior to each scheme round closing date, the ARC will not de-submit in RMS any Final Reports back to research offices for corrections, unless we receive written confirmation from the research office that the de-submission of the Final Report will not affect eligibility for all participants on the project. Noting that, in determining eligibility of new applications, the ARC takes into account the submission of relevant Final Reports to the ARC at the time of application closing, not the ARC’s assessment of the submitted Final Report.

Under extenuating circumstances, the Administering Organisation may request an extension to the Final Report due date, or waiver the requirements for a Final Report. Contact the ARC post-award team for more information—

More details on reporting requirements can be found on the Grants Administration page on the ARC website.

Image: Open laptop on grass.

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