An image of two PHD students Alice Mahoney and James Colless
10 May 2013

Quantum dots are nanoscale systems that can confine or trap single electrons. Temperatures close to absolute zero are required to study quantum behaviour.

Photograph of student Meganne Christian working with hydrogen
26 March 2013

Imagine being able to convert your organic waste into hydrogen and then use it to power your car or household appliances, independently of the electricity grid—such a thought may soon be turned into reality thanks to ground breaking research funded by the ARC.

A photograph of David Harrich
26 March 2013

In a research laboratory in Brisbane, ARC Future Fellow, Associate Professor David Harrich, from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (Molecular Virology Laboratory), has reached a milestone in the ongoing battle to combat the human immunodeficiency virus, more commonly known as HIV.

Image of plastic bag and iron fish on coral sea bed
26 March 2013

Despite the fact that plastic has existed for just over a century, the threat and seriousness of plastic debris to the marine environment has long been ignored.

Photograph of a drought
26 March 2013

While much of the extreme weather we are currently experiencing is transitory, drought is more of a gradual phenomenon, slowly taking hold of an area, tightening its grip with time. In severe cases, drought can last for many years and have a devastating effect on local communities and agriculture.