Professor Michael Biercuk. Credit: Q-CTRL.
18 August 2021

Professor Michael J. Biercuk is a quantum physicist at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS), whose research team is based at the Quantum Control Laboratory at The University of Sydney. An entrepreneur and an innovator, Professor Biercuk is working to develop a new generation of advanced technologies powered by the physics that operate at the scale of atoms.

30 June 2021

Peer review is the cornerstone of the ARC’s grants processes, and the essential mechanism that identifies the most competitive applications within the National Competitive Grants Program. This arti

25 June 2021

In order to ensure these expectations are met, the ARC first released the ARC Research Integrity Policy in 2015. The Policy outlines the requirements for institutions, and individuals engaged in ARC business, to report to the ARC research integrity matters, and the action the ARC may take in response to reported breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 (the Code). The ARC Research Integrity Policy is reviewed every two years and in June 2021 the ARC released a revised version that will come into effect from 1 July 2021.

The James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA (Public Domain)
17 June 2021

A new space telescope, the most expensive ever constructed, is scheduled to be blasted into space on top of a rocket this October, with its sights to be set on the earliest era of deep time, when the universe’s first stars and galaxies were forming in the aftermath of the Big Bang.

Professor Praeger in 1997.
17 June 2021

Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger AC FAA has explored new territory and leapt career barriers, not just in the pure mathematical realms in which she is internationally recognised, but as a trailblazer for changing how maths is taught in schools and universities in Australia.

15 June 2021

In September 2020 the ARC introduced new questions into researchers’ Research Management System (RMS) profiles to support transparency of personal interests and to provide a mechanism to declare relationships and support for research to both the Administering Organisation and the ARC. The information also supports Administering Organisations in implementing the Guidelines to Counter Foreign Interference in the Australian Higher Education Sector.  ARC will be making some minor changes to the wording and providing additional instructions to help researchers complete their RMS profiles.

15 June 2021

The ARC is pleased to advise that the ERA EI Review Final Report, was released on 16 June 2021. The review was conducted with the support of an Advisory Committee of leaders and experts from the university, industry, government and community sectors, with the aim of streamlining and strengthening the programs.  

Dr Natalie Harkin
2 June 2021
Dr Natalie Harkin is a Narungga woman, and an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awardee (DECRA), who is working to decolonise the colonial archive through Aboriginal labour stories and investigating the history of Aboriginal women's domestic service in South Australia.
2 June 2021

The ARC supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers, research students and research under all National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) schemes, including the Discovery Indigenous scheme. You can now see Discovery Indigenous scheme outcome data in an interactive trend visualisation format by funding amount, success rate, Administering Organisation and more.