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2018 Eureka Prizes shine a spotlight on ARC-funded research

2018 Eureka Prizes shine a spotlight on ARC-funded research

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30 August 2018

2018 Eureka Prizes shine a spotlight on ARC-funded research

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council (ARC), Professor Sue Thomas, congratulates the 2018 recipients of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, including many recipients who have received funding support for their research from the ARC.

The Eureka Prizes, presented annually, highlight the very best of Australian science in the four categories of: scientific research and innovation; science leadership; science communication and journalism; and school science.

Professor Thomas said the winners included those who have received fellowships and funding assistance towards their research endeavours from the Australian Government through the ARC’s National Competitive Grants Program.

“The Australian Research Council is thrilled to see so many ARC-funded researchers recognised in the 2018 Eureka Prizes for their outstanding research outcomes and research leadership,” said Professor Thomas.

ARC-funded researchers appeared among the awardees, including:

  • ARC Australian Laureate Fellow Professor Nalini Joshi AO from The University of Sydney received the University of Technology Sydney Eureka Prize for Outstanding Mentor of Young Researchers for her strong advocacy for gender equality and influential actions that have transformed the research landscape and supported young female scientists across Australia.
  • ARC Future Fellow Professor Andre Luiten and Associate Professor John Hartnett, as part of The Sapphire Clock Team from The University of Adelaide, received the Defence Science and Technology Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia for their technology that offers a 1000-fold improvement in timing precision and has the potential to improve the ability for Australian Defence to identify threats to Australia.
  • ARC Future Fellow Professor Associate Professor Ethan Scott and Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop as part of the Optical Physics in Neuroscience team at The University of Queensland received the UNSW Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research for solving one of science’s greatest challenges—how to study movement systems without the subject moving.
  • ARC Future Fellow Professor Thomas Maschmeyer from The University of Sydney received the CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science for his world leading research in the chemistry of catalysis.
  • ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Dr Mohsen Rahmani from The Australian National University received the Macquarie University Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher for developing a new class of nanoscale surfaces that have transformed the capabilities of today’s miniaturised consumer devices.
  • ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Associate Professor Elizabeth New from The University of Sydney received the 3M Eureka Prize for Emerging Leader in Science for her leadership that extends beyond her research to encompass teaching, outreach and mentoring.
  • Professor Andrew Blakers and Dr Matthew Stocks, as part of the RE100 team from The Australian National University, received the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Eureka Prize for Environmental Research for their research into cost-effective pumped hydro energy storage.
  • Professor Tony Weiss AM from The University of Sydney received the Johnson & Johnson Eureka Prize for Innovation in Medical Research for developing an adhesive surgical glue that quickly seals wounds without the need for common staples that has the potential to revolutionise emergency treatment.
  • Dr Luke Knibbs and Professor Claire Wainwright from The University of Queensland, as part of the CF AIR team, received the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre Eureka Prize for Innovation in Medical Research for their research that has impacted clinical practice and policy and ultimately reduced infection rates amongst cystic fibrosis patient groups.
  • Professor Sally Dunwoodie and her multidisciplinary team from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute received the UNSW Eureka Prize for Scientific Research for discovering the potential of vitamin B3 to treat a molecular deficiency causing miscarriages and multiple types of birth defects.

“These researchers—and indeed all finalists—are making significant contributions to science and research in Australia,” said Professor Thomas.

For more information about all 2018 Eureka Prize winners, visit the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prizes website.

For more information about ARC funding schemes, visit the ARC website.

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