7 July 2015

Minister for Education
Leader of the House

$86.9 million to promote industry-university linkages 

Some of Australia’s best researchers will work collaboratively with industry partners to deliver important outcomes for the nation, with the announcement today of 252 new research projects awarded a total of $86.9 million.

Minister for Education and Training, the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, announced the funding which has been awarded through the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Linkage Projects scheme.
“This type of collaborative research connecting industry with university researchers is vital to Australia’s prosperity and the jobs of the future.

“Australian universities and research institutes undertake a large amount of excellent research, but Australia does far less well than most similar countries in connecting industry with this research and turning it into practical goods and services improving peoples’ lives.

“Australia’s future competitiveness depends on collaboration across disciplines and sectors, on turning our ideas and research into real goods and services, technologies and life improvements.

“This is why the Government is working with universities, other researchers and industry to boost the commercial returns from research, to increase collaboration between universities and industry, and to improve the application of knowledge,” Mr Pyne said.

“It is why, for example, the Government has set strong science and research priorities that will drive innovation and lead to important commercial outcomes.”

The researchers involved in these 252 new projects will work with a total of 528 Partner Organisations who have pledged a total (cash and in-kind) of $153.2 million. This represents $1.76 from Partner Organisations for every dollar of Government funding.

Projects funded in the 2015 Linkage Projects round include: 

  • $330,000 to The University of Queensland to develop a new nano-pesticide which will assist in curtailing the current $400 million annual economic loss to the Australian livestock industry caused by ticks and buffalo flies.
  • $435,000 to the University of Technology, Sydney, to investigate the creation of robots for underwater structure maintenance.
  • $406,000 for Griffith University to lift the productivity of the Australian fruit industry by improving automated strawberry harvesting.
  • $295,467 to Victoria University to improve access to electronic health data (EHD) for medical research, while still ensuring patient privacy.
  • $106,000 for The University of Melbourne to explore the media’s impact on attitudes to violence against women.

A snapshot of funding by State and University is below. To view the full research funding awards, including all project summaries, please visit the ARC website.

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Linkage Projects 2015 funding outcomes—Snapshot by State and Organisation

Administering Organisation Total number of Projects Total ARC Funding
Australian Capital Territory 8 $2,998,799
The Australian National University 8 $2,998,799
New South Wales 71 $24,685,398
Australian Catholic University 2 $549,000
Charles Sturt University 1 $191,394
Macquarie University 2 $565,378
Southern Cross University 3 $1,191,900
The University of New South Wales 32 $10,287,431
The University of Newcastle 3 $899,929
The University of Sydney 16 $6,589,240
University of Technology, Sydney 7 $2,819,387
University of Western Sydney 2 $525,233
University of Wollongong 3 $1,066,506
Northern Territory 1 $353,806
Charles Darwin University 1 $353,806
Queensland 58 $19,254,360
Griffith University 14 $4,478,006
James Cook University 2 $778,519
Queensland University of Technology 16 $4,124,054
The University of Queensland 22 $8,229,987
University of Southern Queensland 1 $219,959
University of the Sunshine Coast 3 $1,423,835
South Australia 20 $7,136,668
The Flinders University of South Australia 6 $2,357,776
The University of Adelaide 9 $3,065,561
University of South Australia 5 $1,713,331
Tasmania 5 $2,057,620
University of Tasmania 5 $2,057,620
Victoria 68 $22,089,936
Deakin University 2 $511,000
La Trobe University 6 $1,662,517
Monash University 17 $4,904,240
RMIT University 6 $1,806,200
Swinburne University of Technology 5 $1,518,000
The University of Melbourne 30 $11,178,512
Victoria University 2 $509,467
Western Australia 21 $8,350,568
Curtin University of Technology 5 $1,634,698
Murdoch University 4 $1,541,755
The University of Western Australia 12 $5,174,115
Total 252 $86,927,155