10 September 2018

ARC EGM to take up new position at QUT

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Australian Research Council (ARC), Professor Sue Thomas, has announced that the ARC’s Executive General Manager, Ms Leanne Harvey, will be departing the ARC to take up the position of Vice-President (Administration) and Registrar at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in December 2018.

Ms Harvey joined the ARC in March 2008 from (the then) Department of Education, Science and Training due to Machinery of Government changes, and has worked alongside three ARC CEOs—Professor Margaret Sheil, Professor Aidan Byrne and Professor Sue Thomas.

Professor Thomas congratulated Ms Harvey on her new appointment and thanked her for her outstanding contribution to the ARC, the Australian research sector and the Australian Public Service.

“I congratulate Ms Harvey on her new appointment, as Vice-President (Administration) and Registrar at QUT, where she can continue to contribute her unique blend of knowledge of the higher education sector and corporate governance,” said Professor Thomas.

“Ms Harvey has contributed enormously to Australian research during her time at the ARC and in her previous leadership roles in the Australian Public Service over the past 30 years.

“While at the ARC, Ms Harvey has worked alongside several ARC CEOs—as well as acting in the position herself for extended periods—and, I am sure I am not alone in expressing my immense gratitude to her for her outstanding support and extensive public sector expertise.

“As Executive General Manager of the ARC, Ms Harvey has been instrumental in the successful delivery of the ARC’s key activities and priorities.

“She has undertaken a crucial role in developing and introducing major reforms—including the Excellence in Research for Australia initiative and the Engagement and Impact Assessment—as well as increasing accountability and openness of ARC data and continuous improvements to ARC policies, particularly those supporting a diverse Australian research workforce.

“Ms Harvey has been pivotal to the ARC developing strong links across the higher education sector, with our Ministers, and with other government agencies, including the Department of Education and Training and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

“Since joining the ARC, Ms Harvey has also led the ARC’s Corporate Services Branch—including stakeholder relations, parliamentary, finance, human resources and facilities—overseeing a substantial reorganisation of the agency to better align the ARC with Government agendas.

“On a personal note, and on behalf of the ARC, I know Ms Harvey will be greatly missed, but we all support her and wish her well in taking up this new opportunity at QUT, where she will continue to contribute to the Australian higher education sector.”

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