27 March 2012

ARC fellows honoured

Four Australian Research Council fellows have been honoured for their outstanding contributions  to science by being admitted as fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.        

ARC CEO Professor Margaret Sheil congratulated all 21 new Australian Academy of Science fellows  on their election and wished them well in their research endeavours.

“I am particularly pleased to see the election of Professor Frances Separovic to the Academy. Professor Separovic is the first female chemist elected as a fellow of the Academy and as another female chemist, I congratulate her on this great achievement,” Professor Sheil said.

The four ARC fellows are:

  • Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn FAA, 2007 ARC Federation Fellow,  University of Sydney. Pioneering the science  of astrophotonics and making significant contributions to experimental physics  and astrophysics.        
  • Professor Paul Leslie Burn FAA, 2006 ARC Federation Fellow,  University of Queensland. Discovering light  emitting polymers and dendrimers leading to worldwide interest in organic  semiconductors.        
  • Professor Tanya Mary Monro FAA FTSE, 2008 ARC Federation Fellow, University of Adelaide. Developing nanophotonics  for nonlinear optics and sensing, resulting in novel solutions to diverse measurement problems.      
  • Professor Michael Edmund Tobar FAA  FTSE, 2009 Australian  Laureate Fellow, University of Western Australia. Pioneering the development of devices for precision frequency  generation and measurement, including in space.

"I am delighted these four outstanding scientists have been recognised through their election to the Australian Academy of Science. And I am confident their admission to the Academy will help  them boost their research efforts, leading to discoveries and developments that could improve the way we live our lives," Professor Sheil said.

All 21 scientists will be admitted to the Australian Academy of Science on 2 May 2012. For a full list of scientists and for more information on the Australian Academy of Science fellowships, visit the Australian Academy of Science website.

For more information on ARC fellowships, visit the ARC website.

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