15 March 2017

ARC welcomes new Executive Director—Professor Joanne Tompkins

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council (ARC), Ms Leanne Harvey, welcomes Professor Joanne Tompkins, as the ARC’s new Executive Director for Humanities and Creative Arts (HCA).

Professor Tompkins will join the ARC from The University of Queensland (UQ), where she currently holds the position of Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Tompkins will leave UQ, to commence as ARC’s HCA Executive Director in April 2017.

“Professor Tompkins is a distinguished researcher and university leader, who will bring a wealth of experience to the ARC,” said Ms Harvey.

“Professor Tompkins’ research expertise lies in the humanities and creative arts, particularly in spatial theories and virtual reality; multicultural theories and drama; intercultural performance and feminist performance. Her research has assisted the development of cultural spaces for theatres, galleries and museums through 3D visualisation and modelling of theatre spaces.”

Ms Harvey said that Professor Tompkins will join a respected team of Executive Directors— academics drawn from the higher education and research sectors—at the ARC who provide expert advice and guidance across the ARC’s core functions and discipline areas.

“Our Executive Directors are respected researchers in their fields, with strong Australian and international research networks. They perform a valuable role liaising with the research community and contributing their expertise to inform ARC programs, policies and peer review processes,” said Ms Harvey.

Professor Tompkins will join: Dr Fiona Cameron (Senior Executive Director for Biological Sciences and Biotechnology); Professor Stephen Buckman (Executive Director for Physical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Information Sciences); and Professor Therese Jefferson (Executive Director for Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences). 

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