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Australia & PNG host Regional Meeting of Global Research Council

Australia & PNG host Regional Meeting of Global Research Council

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3 December 2015

Australia & PNG host Regional Meeting of Global Research Council

Research leaders from across the Asia-Pacific have converged on Canberra for two days for the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of the Global Research Council (GRC).

The Australian Research Council (ARC) and Papua New Guinea Research, Science and Technology Secretariat, are hosting the GRC regional meeting where leaders will discuss developments, issues and challenges in research across the Asia-Pacific.

Other countries participating in the meeting include: China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and United States of America.

ARC Chief Executive Officer, Professor Aidan Byrne, said it was a great honour to be co-hosting the meeting, which was an important event to share information and advice to advance the research effort globally, and most notably in our own region.

“The ARC, along with the Australian Government, recognises the need for an integrated and coherent research policy approach, both domestically and internationally.

“Collaborative research capacity and endeavour are becoming increasingly important in order to effectively address the diverse range of challenges before us all.”

The main agenda items for the meeting are gender equality in research and interdisciplinary research. Other discussions will also focus on research integrity along with research capacity building and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific.

“It is vital that research leaders from across the Asia-Pacific discuss ways to tackle gender equality in research and boost the profile of women in research.

“The ARC recently released its Gender Equality Statement and Action Plan (2015–16) and I look forward to discussing the ways in which the ARC hopes to effect change; likewise I look forward to hearing from other countries what challenges and solutions they are working on.

“Interdisciplinary research is another important discussion—in an increasingly globalised environment, with most nations having limited fiscal resources to dedicate to science and research, smart and targeted investment decisions, with international and industry partners, is becoming more and more important.

“In order to facilitate interdisciplinary research, nations need to encourage interaction between different disciplines and across research institutions, including global and regional collaborations; in doing this we will improve our ability regionally to address global scientific challenge,” Professor Byrne said.

Research capacity building and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific will also be a strong focal point for GRC participants.

“Investment in innovation, research and development is important in stimulating and sustaining development in all countries as well as addressing specific regional challenges such as food, disease, energy and water; and building and maintaining markets within national, regional and global economies.

“For regional research capacity building and cooperation, strengthening both human and institutional capacities in agencies is vital,” Professor Byrne said.

“The subjects on the agenda for this two-day meeting are important in building a shared purpose and understanding of what research can offer in addressing the grand challenges of our time.

“If we can address all of these issues successfully, we have the ability to build, and maintain strong research systems within the region, and in turn become better positioned to contribute both within and outside our region,” Professor Byrne said.

Additional media information:

  • If your media outlet is interested in conducting interviews with participants in the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of the Global Research Council please contact the ARC Director of Stakeholder Relations who can advise on times available. The best opportunity for interviews will be in the morning tea and or lunch breaks on Day 1, Thursday, 3 December.
  • The meeting will open on Thursday, 3 December at the Boathouse in Canberra with a Welcome to Country by Ngunnawal elder, Aunty Agnes Shea.
  • Formal proceedings for the meeting will conclude around 2pm on Friday, 4 December.

Media contact:
ARC Stakeholder Relations
0412 623 056 or

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