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Australian universities and industry working together to solve global challenges

Australian universities and industry working together to solve global challenges

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29 July 2021

Australian universities and industry working together to solve global challenges

The Morrison Government is investing a further $31.7 million to bring Australian university researchers together with industry leaders, to develop the products and ideas that will grow our economy and improve our society.

Today, 67 new research projects have been awarded through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects scheme.

Minister for Education and Youth Alan Tudge said the projects would keep Australia at the forefront of emerging technologies and have real-world benefits for Australians.

“These are exciting research projects looking at everything from how we can better design schools and encourage more blood donations, right through to improving agricultural practices and developing new laser technology for space and defence applications,” Minister Tudge said.

“Importantly these projects will leverage the financial and intellectual backing of some of the world’s top companies, meaning the findings can be translated into practical solutions.

“It further demonstrates our commitment to university research in Australia and is an important part of our research commercialisation agenda.

“I would love to see many of these projects culminate in world-first breakthroughs or new products that change the way we live, work and communicate.”

The researchers involved in these new projects will work with a total of 172 Partner Organisations who will also contribute $52 million in cash and in-kind support.

Projects funded in this latest round of Linkage Projects include: 

  • $663,541 to Macquarie University to develop diamond-based lasers that will improve satellite communication and space debris management, growing our role in global astronomy programs and creating possible new defence capabilities.
  • $659,669 to Flinders University to develop new technologies to allow Australia to capitalise on the $80 billion global e-waste industry and recoup some of the $200 million in gold, silver and palladium discarded in e-waste each year.
  • $654,642 to the Australian National University to develop new, low-cost hydrogen storage systems that will make hydrogen more accessible and sustainable and ultimately reduce Australian energy costs.
  • $396,000 to Curtin University to develop an online maritime traffic monitoring system that will prevent collisions at sea and ensure the seamless flow of goods and trade in Australia.

To date in 2021, more than $548.6 million dollars has been committed to 959 research projects through the Australian Research Council.

Full details of the Linkage Projects announced today are available from the ARC website.

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