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Continuing to fund world-leading research

Continuing to fund world-leading research

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21 May 2020

Continuing to fund world-leading research

The Morrison Government continues to invest in world-leading research at Australian universities to deliver improvements to health, education and the economy.

Minister for Education Dan Tehan today announced another round of research funding with $35.1 million provided to 77 new research projects at Australian universities.

Already this year, our Government has invested $125,250,067 in 139 research projects through the Australian Research Council (ARC). In 2019-20, around $9.6 billion in Commonwealth funding will be provided for research and development across all portfolios.

The research projects announced today include:

  • $399,155 to improve electronic shark deterrent technology and increase the variety of shark species that can be protected against (Macquarie University).
  • $620,765 to research how a lack of access to digital technology impacts on low-income families’ access to education, parenting, social participation and employment (Queensland University of Technology).
  • $232,347 to research the workload of teachers and principals (Queensland University of Technology).
  • $751,260 to discover new ways to kill parasites that live in their host animal (University of Melbourne).

“The research funded by our Government will take place at universities around Australia covering a range of topics, from improving surf safety by investigating shark repellents to finding new ways to helping Australia’s farmers better manage their farms,” Mr Tehan said.

“Our investment in research supports the development of long-term strategic research collaborations between university researchers and businesses, industry and community organisations to find solutions to problems and improve the lives of Australians.”

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