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Creating a sustainable Australian chemical manufacturing industry 

Creating a sustainable Australian chemical manufacturing industry 

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19 November 2021 

Creating a sustainable Australian chemical manufacturing industry

A new Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre is leading the way in advanced manufacturing for the chemical industry – for the commercialisation and adoption of safer and more sustainable technologies and novel chemical products.  

ARC Chief Executive Officer, Professor Sue Thomas, welcomed the official launch of the new ARC Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing led by Monash University. 

Professor Thomas said the Training Centre is receiving $3.68 million in funding over four years through the ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) to help meet the global demand for products that are effective, safe and environmentally friendly. 

‘Australia is working to drive a vibrant modern, competitive and sustainable Australian manufacturing Industry,’ Professor Thomas said.  

‘Through the ITRP’s Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme, important collaboration will be forged between researchers and industry. 

‘This Training Centre brings together researchers, workers and the manufacturing industry to develop new products and processes underpinned by green chemistry and sustainable principles. 

‘This includes processes to efficiently manufacture novel pharmaceuticals, polymers and specialty chemicals; develop efficient fertilisers for agriculture; and recover and repurpose naturally derived by-products from the food industry to minimise waste and lead to new materials and feedstocks. 

‘Local and global experts will work together to provide the next generation of researchers and workers with industry relevant skills that will give them the confidence to lead the green chemistry approach in the Australian manufacturing Industry, creating jobs and opportunities for Australians.’ 

Monash University will lead the project and will collaborate with other universities including Deakin University, Curtin University and Flinders University. 

The Research Hub also has strong links with 20 national, international and government partners.  

For more information about the ARC Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing visit its website.  
For more information on the ARC’s Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme, please visit the ARC website

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