10 August 2016

 Forging new pathways to market

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub for Pathways to Market has been officially opened by Senator the Hon. Stephen Parry in a ceremony held at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania today.

The new Research Hub has been provided with $2.5 million in ARC funding over six years under the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme—a scheme designed to engage university-based researchers and industry in cutting-edge research on new technologies, and to effect economic, commercial and social transformation.

ARC Executive Director for Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Dr Fiona Cameron, said that University of Tasmania is a natural place for bringing research and the Tasmanian food industry together with this newly created Research Hub.

“Australia’s food industry is increasingly depending on intelligent, innovative solutions to complex problems.

“Researchers at this Hub will work to improve the value of food supply chains through data generation, visualisation and sharing. This will help farmers to identify opportunities that will solve challenges and improve decision making,” said Dr Cameron.

The Research Hub, led by Professor Laurie Bonney, will work with partner organisations, including: University of South Australia; The University of Sydney; Grey Innovation Pty Ltd; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association; Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd; Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Science (ABARES); Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS); National Australia Bank Limited (NAB); Southern Rocklobster Ltd; Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

For more information about this Research Hub, please visit the Pathways to Market website.

Further information regarding the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Programme is available from the ARC website.

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