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Funding world-leading research to benefit regional Australia

Funding world-leading research to benefit regional Australia

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The Hon Andrew Gee MP
Minister Assisting the Minister for Trade and Investment
Minister for Decentralisation and Regional Education


21 May 2020

Funding world-leading research to benefit regional Australia

The Australian Government continues to invest in world-leading university research to drive benefits for country Australia.

Minister for Decentralisation and Regional Education Andrew Gee said regional universities are among the recipients of $35.1 million in research funding through the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Several of the research projects are set to contribute to regional Australia, including:

  • $366,244 to tackle critical groundwater management challenges to understand and predict impacts in declining groundwater levels. (Macquarie University).
  • $199, 857 to for research to better protect blockchain applications; existing approaches for enabling blockchain technology applications are vulnerable to quantum computer attacks, particularly with privacy protection and anonymity (University of Wollongong).
  • $638,000 for research into accurate and timely crop prediction systems for Australia’s grain producers and industry to better cope with climate and market volatilities (University of Queensland).
  • $290,000 for research into a broadband satellite terminal improving low-cost digital broadband access, with a focus on digital inequality experienced by rural and remote Australians (University of Queensland).

“Some of these research projects funded by the Australian Government will see studies that benefit regional and rural Aussies, including farmers,” said Minister Gee.

“This funding is critical to ensuring Australian research continues to make a difference, particularly if these projects assist in improving functionality and growing business opportunities for our primary producers and those living across regional areas.”

In 2020, the Government has invested $125,250,067 in 139 research projects through the ARC. In 2019–20, around $9.6 billion in Commonwealth funding will be provided for research and development across all portfolios.

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