8 November 2013

Minister for Education
Leader of the House

Great discoveries: 703 new research projects for Australia

Reducing the Australian road toll, investigating the impact of cataract surgery on driving outcomes and improving physical activity in children are some of the 703 outstanding basic and applied research projects to be awarded funded by the Australian Government today.

Minister for Education, Hon Christopher Pyne MP, announced a total of $257.6 million awarded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) under its Discovery Projects scheme.

“This funding will allow some of Australia’s best researchers to undertake important work that will expand Australia’s knowledge base and research capability, in turn providing important outcomes for all Australians,” Mr Pyne said.

Some of the research to be undertaken with funding awarded under this Discovery

Projects funding scheme round, include:

  • Research at Queensland University of Technology which will use new methods to reduce the Australian road toll. Researchers will develop, test and validate an evidence based methodology to proactively detect motor vehicle crash black spots. They will also use statistical analysis on observed crashes.
  • A study at Curtin University of Technology, which will use naturalistic in-vehicle driver monitoring devices and a state-of-the-art driving simulator to examine the impact of first and second eye cataract surgery on driving outcomes. The results of this study will inform Ophthalmology and licensing authorities regarding surgical and refractive management as well as fitness to drive assessments for older drivers with bilateral cataract.
  • Research at Deakin University which will look at the development of physical activity and sedentary behaviours spanning preschool to preadolescent years, and factors that influence the development of these behaviours. Outcomes will provide important information for policy and interventions focused at the individual, family and neighbourhood level, to improve physical activity levels.

The Discovery Projects scheme provides funding for research projects that can be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams.

For more information about these funding outcomes please visit the ARC website or view the media announcement kit.

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