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International Researchers Make Australia Home

International Researchers Make Australia Home


5 April 2012

International researchers make Australia home

The best and brightest minds from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, China and Germany are undertaking their world-class research in Australia thanks to our prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) fellowships and awards.

Highlighting the importance of attracting and retaining world-class research talent, ARC Chief Executive Officer and Advisory Council Chair Professor Margaret Sheil said ARC fellowships and awards were helping Australia grow and maintain a skilled and talented research workforce.

“The new Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards scheme has attracted 109 promising early career researchers to Australian shores this year—this includes citizens of 30 countries and Australians returning from six countries,” Professor Sheil said.

“These 109 researchers represented 40 per cent of the Awards announced last November.

“The Future Fellowships scheme has helped us attract 107 bright mid-career researchers to Australia since 2009. This includes international researchers and returning Australians.

“And ten of Australia’s most prestigious fellowships, the Australian Laureate Fellowships, have been awarded to leading international researchers since 2009 to help them relocate or return to Australia. Further contributing to our research capacity, these research leaders are also using their fellowship to build international research teams within our universities.”

At their meeting last week, the ARC Advisory Council spoke of the importance of attracting research talent from across the globe to help Australia address national issues such as industry transformation, and global issues such as our changing climate.

The Advisory Council is pleased with the success the ARC has had in attracting world-class researchers and enabling world-class research, and looks forward to helping the ARC continue its success in this area and in other areas of international collaboration.

Since 2009, the ARC has received funding applications from 49 countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, under its fellowship schemes.

For more information on the ARC, including on its Advisory Council, international strategy, fellowships and awards, visit the ARC website.

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