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New ARC Research Hub to transform dairy industry

New ARC Research Hub to transform dairy industry

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22 July 2014

New ARC Research Hub to transform dairy industry

Australian Research Council (ARC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Professor Aidan Byrne, has today opened a new Dairy Innovation Hub at  the University of Melbourne dedicated to developing new technical solutions to  overcome challenges facing the dairy industry.

The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub will focus on the technical challenges that currently constrain the growth of Australia's dairy industry, including: better ways to clean milk and cheese processing equipment; improving the spreadability and taste of butter and long-life milks; and faster maturation of cheese.

The Hub has been awarded $5 million over five years from the ARC through the Industrial Transformation Research Program. Led by The University of Melbourne, the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub will also combine the expertise of The University of Queensland and Dairy Innovation Australia.

Professor Byrne said the hub was one of the very first to be granted funding under the ARC's Industrial Transformation Research Program and  has received the maximum available funding of $1m per year over five years through the program.

"Food manufacturing was an important priority research area for the first round of funding under the program, which focused specifically on future food storage; food processing; manufacturing capabilities; product opportunities and other food-related research," Professor Byrne said.

"A key focus of the Industrial Transformation Research Program is also to couple excellence in  research with the translation of real, tangible research outcomes to an industry setting.

"Through this new hub, Dairy Innovation Australia and their partner manufacturers will play an essential role in contributing to the direction of research projects at the Hub, as well as identifying opportunities for translation at a pilot and industrial scale."

The aim of the Industrial Transformation Research Program is to encourage cutting-edge R&D projects that can help solve the big problems facing our industries today; to attract investment from the global and international business community by underpinning internationally-recognised excellence of Australian universities and their industry partners; and to leverage private and international investment in targeted industry sectors. 

To obtain more information about this hub please visit the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub website. For more information about the ARC visit the ARC website.

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