Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

NSW researchers to develop search and rescue robots

Robots that can navigate on their own during search and rescue operations and better targeting of cancer tumours are just two of the research projects that will benefit from more than $96 million of Federal Government funding.

Announcing funding for 328 NSW research projects, Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said investing in research was vital for the development of new ideas, the creation of jobs and a better quality of life for all Australians.

“We rely on our researchers to help feed the hungry, cure the sick, protect the environment and secure our future. That is why the Government is providing $310 million to Australia’s research institutions through the Australian Research Council’s major grant schemes,” Senator Carr said.

“Researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney, will use a $320 000 grant to develop technology that will help robots navigate on their own in unknown environments, such as during search and rescue operations.

“The University of Sydney will receive a $600 000 grant for an adaptable new linear accelerator for medical radiation research. This will help better target cancer tumours, help develop new medical devices and save lives.

“And researchers at the University of New South Wales will receive a $122 000 grant to design new kinds of materials that can be die-castable in bulk, bulk metallic glasses. These unique metallic glasses exhibit mechanical performance superior to existing alloys and have a vast range of commercial applications.

“This $96 million investment is great news for the NSW community because it highlights the excellent local research talent and supports new interstate and international research partnerships. I congratulate the successful institutions, researchers and partners.”

The 328 research projects were announced as part of the Australian Research Council’s 2012 Major Grants Announcement, with $310 million announced for over 1,000 research projects nationwide. Funding will begin in 2012 and be administered over a period of up to five years under the Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development, Discovery Projects, Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Projects and Linkage Projects scheme.

More information on these projects is attached. To view the summaries of all funding outcomes and information on the funding schemes, visit the Funding Announcement Kits page.

For more information on the ARC and the Innovation, Industry, Science and Research portfolio, including the research grants available, visit their websites.

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