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Strengthening research industry nexus welcomed by ARC

Strengthening research industry nexus welcomed by ARC

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30 October 2014

Strengthening research industry nexus welcomed by ARC

The Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council (ARC), Professor Aidan Byrne, has welcomed the Australian Government’s discussion paper Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research.

Professor Byrne said the ARC had a long history of linking industry and research.

“As CEO of the ARC I am extremely conscious of the need to ensure a strong research industry nexus; such collaboration will help solve the big problems facing our industries today and ensure that research is focussed on an end-user perspective that delivers important outcomes for Australians.

“Several of the ARC’s core funding schemes are designed to stimulate industry connections and attract industry co-funding.

“The Linkage Projects scheme—a foundational program of the ARC established in 2001—has awarded over $1.4 billion dollars to stimulate research industry linkages in its lifetime.

“This year alone $88 million was awarded to 251 competitively ranked projects, attracting nearly $170 million in cash-and-in-kind contributions from 415 partner organisations to support research across diverse discipline areas.

“The ARC’s newest funding scheme, the Industrial Transformation Research Program, is also showing its effectiveness in creating coordination of research and industry partners through its research hubs and training centres.

“These hubs and centres, covering fields such as the steel industry, food processing, paper manufacturing and naval manufacturing, are funded for up to $1 million per year, and show a high integration of research with areas identified as Australia’s commercial strengths.

“These centres and hubs are also providing invaluable industry training and commercial opportunities to postgraduate researchers.

“In addition, our flagship Centres of Excellence scheme offers significant long-term funding to focus on critical research issues and also plays an important role in uniting researchers with the core challenges that stimulate innovation and often with spin-offs into Australian business.

“While it is vital that a commitment to pure and applied research is maintained within the Australian research funding model, the ARC welcomes a commitment to ensure that together, research and industry, pave a greater future for all Australians,” Professor Byrne said.

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