27 November 2013

Understanding the learning process—new Science Of Learning Centre opens

Australian Research Council (CEO), Professor Aidan Byrne, has congratulated The University of Queensland on today's official opening of the Science of Learning Research Centre, which is funded through the ARC's Special Research Initiatives scheme. 

The Science of Learning Research Centre will house host researchers in education, neuroscience and cognitive psychology who will work together with teachers to gain a better understanding of the learning process.

The $16 million Centre will be based around three themes: understanding learning, measuring learning and promoting learning—its researchers will help Australia build a solid scientific evidence base that directly informs teaching practices. 

Professor Byrne said the opening of the Centre was timely given current discussions regarding teaching and teaching quality.

"This Centre will play an important role in establishing criteria to assess the impact of different types of learning and innovative strategies to inform teaching practices.

"The outcomes will give teachers the practical tools they need to teach our future generations—perhaps our future researchers and scientists.

"One of the important aspects of this Centre is its cross-disciplinary research approach reaching from the social sciences to medical and cognitive sciences.

"Through initiatives like this funded by the ARC, we enable collaboration and an interdisciplinary focus on issues of national importance explored in very new ways," Professor Byrne said. 

The Centre will be based at The University of Queensland with collaborations at six other Australian universities and the Australian Council for Educational Research. The Centre has also partnered with nine other national and international organisations.

For more information on the Science of Learning Research Centre, visit the Centre's website or the ARC website. 

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