Following further feedback, the ARC has released a number of improvements today in the Research Management System (RMS).

The release includes the following functionality changes where RMS will now render the following for Research Outputs:

  • ‘Editors’ in citation references when an 'Author' is also listed for books and edited book chapters.
  • ‘Place of publication’ (Address) for books and edited book chapters where a publisher is included in the reference.

Important: Please note this is not an automatic update to Research Outputs in the PDF application. Researchers or Research Office staff will need to make a change to each ROPE answer (for example: remove or add a research output) and then select save for the Research Outputs PDF to be regenerated with the updated fields and ordering.

Remember to always check the generated PDF to ensure that the correct rendering has been applied.

With any new ICT functionality, there can be unforeseeable technical issues to address once released. Therefore, we encourage researchers and Research Office staff to notify the ARC Helpdesk if they encounter any further issues with research output displays in RMS and we will continue to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Research output display errors are system issues that cannot be corrected by RMS users. Consequently, we can assure applicants that should any further issues arise that cannot be fixed prior to scheme application deadlines, any submitted applications that are affected will not be deemed to breach eligibility requirements due to research output display errors. Assessors will also be advised to disregard identified research output display errors in their assessment of applications.

For further information on research outputs please see RMS Website FAQs and Research Outputs instructions.