Following further feedback, the ARC has released improved functionality today in RMS regarding Research Outputs and the FAQS: RMS Auto-population of Research Outputs has been updated on the ARC website to assist researchers and Research Offices staff. RMS has also been updated to fix some reported issues with the calculation of limits for applications and projects. 

Increase of author display for research outputs in the application form:

  • The display of authors has now been updated to allow researchers and applicant Research Office staff to set the number of author names displayed to a maximum of 40 per research output (previously set at 5). 
  • No change will occur to current applications where research outputs have already been imported without action from the researcher or applicant Research Office staff to set their preferred number. 

Research output display errors are system issues that cannot be corrected by RMS users. Consequently, we can assure applicants that should any further issues arise that cannot be fixed prior to scheme application deadlines, any submitted applications that are affected will not be deemed to breach eligibility requirements due to research output display errors. Assessors will also be advised to disregard identified research output display errors in their assessment of applications.

An update has been applied to correct the calculation of project limits, to ensure alignment with Grant Guidelines requirements:  

  • Researchers who are Chief Investigators on one active Centre of Excellence or Special Research Initiative project and have submitted a FT19 or FL19 application; are now able to be included on one Discovery Project or Discovery Indigenous application. 
  • Researchers who have been listed on an active project as a named participant with the role of Post Graduate Researcher, Post-Doctoral Research Associate or an ITRP Hubs or Centres—Post Doctorate will not have that project included in the count of project limits. 

With any new ICT functionality, there can be unforeseeable technical issues to address once released. Therefore, we encourage researchers and Research Office staff to notify the ARC if they encounter any further issues with research output displays or project limits in RMS and we will continue to resolve them as quickly as possible. 

If you have any questions about research outputs or application limits please contact the ARC at