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Now Open: Applications for Linkage Projects 2020

Now Open: Applications for Linkage Projects 2020

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Applications for Linkage Projects for funding applied for in 2020 (LP20) are now open in the Research Management System (RMS) and will close at 5:00pm (AEDT) on Tuesday, 1 December 2020. 

While applications are open continuously, there will be three assessment rounds for applications for Linkage Projects for funding applied for in 2020. Key dates for this scheme have been updated on the Grants Calendar available on the ARC website.

Please note: Draft LP20 applications will carry over in RMS between rounds (a draft application started during assessment Round 1 can be submitted in assessment Round 2 or Round 3 without the need to restart the application).

All documentation for the grant opportunity can be found on GrantConnect:

While the Grant Guidelines are available to view, you will need to register with GrantConnect to access all documentation. For further information on GrantConnect, please refer to the ARC GrantConnect information page or the GrantConnect website.

The ARC’s Evaluation of the implementation of the continuous Linkage Projects process, and the ARC’s response to the report, are now available on the ARC website, which outline the change to three assessment rounds, as advised by the ARC.

Important note about automated eligibility management in RMS:

Functionality has been introduced into RMS to assist and improve application eligibility compliance in relation to final reports and project limits.

Eligibility checks are performed in RMS at various stages of the application submission process: whilst the form is being filled; on certification by the Administering Organisation; and at time of submission to the ARC. 

Where RMS detects an eligibility issue, an application will not be able to proceed to the next submission stage in RMS.

While an application may pass eligibility checks when initially filled in, subsequent changes to RMS information may affect an individual’s eligibility.

As RMS will prevent applications with detected eligibility issues being submitted to the ARC, please allow adequate time to check and address any eligibility issues encountered at each stage of the application process.

The eligibility checking functions are not exhaustive and the ARC will undertake eligibility checking after close of submission. It remains the responsibility of the researchers and Research Offices to comply with the grant guidelines.

If you have any questions, please email

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