Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced the timing of the next rounds of Excellence in Research for Australia and the Engagement and Impact Assessment. 

  • The next round of Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) will take place in 2023 and 
  • the next round of the Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI) will take place the following year, in 2024.

The Australian Government is committed to the ongoing assessment of engagement, impact and quality of Australia’s university research. 

As a result, in 2019-20, the ARC will be conducting a comprehensive review of the ERA and EI to: 

  • simplify and streamline the programs 
  • take advantage of recent developments in technology and big data
  • ensure the programs continue to reflect world’s best practice and
  • respond to the ongoing needs of the university sector. 

The timing of the next rounds will facilitate the adoption of any changes to reporting requirements arising from the current review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification and the ARC’s upcoming review of the ERA and EI. 
Further information about the review of ERA and EI and the relevant reporting requirements for the future rounds will be made available on the ARC’s website in due course. 

More information is available on the ERA page and EI page.