The ARC Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy has been updated to clarify the types of personal interests that researchers are required to identify and disclose.  Researchers will need to provide this information when they are on an application for ARC research funding, or on the ARC's College of Experts.

Information about a range of personal interests will be gathered through a researcher’s profile in the ARC’s Research Management System (RMS). The new questions are designed to support transparency of personal interests and to provide a mechanism to declare relationships and support to the Administering Organisation and the ARC.  The information will support Administering Organisations in implementing the Guidelines to Counter Foreign Interference in the Australian Higher Education Sector

Completion of these new profile questions will be required by any researcher named in applications for all future National Competitive Grant Program (NCGP) grant opportunities. A researcher’s responses will not be visible to other participants on the application or assessors that review the application. ARC peer review processes will continue to be based on assessing the merit of each application against the assessment criteria set out in Grant Guidelines. 

If you have questions regarding the changes to the ARC Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy, please email