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Making memories brings us closer to quantum computers

Making memories brings us closer to quantum computers

Media issued by The University of Sydney       

A breakthrough which brings us closer to solving problems more complex than any current supercomputer can address, in codebreaking, physics, and clean energy, has been achieved by researchers from the University of Sydney and Dartmouth College in the US.

"This work brings us closer to creating a quantum computer powerful enough that it could one day be used in developing new materials for clean-energy distribution or in rapidly searching through massive amounts of unsorted data to identify security threats online: problems on which even today’s most powerful supercomputers fail," said Dr Michael Biercuk, Director of the Quantum Control Laboratory in the University of Sydney’s School of Physics and ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems.

The details of how the researchers developed an entirely new way of designing a practically useful quantum memory, a key need for future quantum computers, will be published in Nature Communications on Thursday, 19 June.


Image Credit: Graham Carlow/IBM Research

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