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3D printing a ‘lab on a chip’

3D printing a ‘lab on a chip’

Image: Professor Michael Breadmore.

Led by Professor Michael Breadmore, researchers at the University of Tasmania will push the limits of current 3D printing technology in an ARC Linkage Project.

The team will develop a novel 3D printer, which they will use to print miniaturised ‘microfluidic’ devices with a range of applications in biological and chemical analysis. Using a new fabrication approach, they will print micron-sized channels within special resins to make a ‘Lab on a Chip’. The high speed and reduced cost of this process promises to bring complex chemical analysis within reach of new markets, creating many opportunities for further commercialisation, and positioning Australia as a leader in the fabrication of microfluidic devices.

The project has received a $630,000 grant from the Australian Government through the ARC Linkage Projects scheme, with additional support provided by partner organisation Young Optics Inc.

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