Plant Industry, CSIRO
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Water resources in Australia and worldwide are under severe stress, and many parts of Australia have been, and continue to be, subject to severe drought. A new $804,148 Future Fellowship led by Dr Steven Lade from The Australian National University will build resilience in water and other natural resources, through better model-based management tools for resilient decision-making.

The project expects to develop advances in resilience theory, which will be tested in a model of water resource management in north-central Victoria. The tools developed by this project will be capable of generating specific policy pathways for building resilience as well as illuminating potential trade-offs between resilience and short-term economic optimisation.

Expected outcomes of the project include increased decision-making capability to respond to threats to water and other natural resources. Such outcomes will help ensure the sustainability of increasingly highly stressed natural resources in Australia and worldwide.

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Image credit: Plant Industry, CSIRO. (CC BY 3.0).