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Business opportunity

Business opportunity

Image caption: The work of Professor Jock Collins, left, and Professor Simon Darcy is revealing how entrepreneurship can help people reach new heights.

New research is looking at the experiences and benefits for the economy and society of entrepreneurship—a source of empowerment for refugees, for people with disability, and for Indigenous Australians. In a new ARC Linkage Project, Professor Jock Collins and fellow Chief Investigator, Professor Simon Darcy, together with partners from the disability services sector, are looking at entrepreneurship among people with a disability. This group has a rate of entrepreneurship noticeably higher than the Australian average. “Yet we know very little about their story—the barriers they have faced, the strategies they have used to overcome these barriers, the dynamics of their business enterprises and the economic and social contribution they make,” said Professor Collins. “This knowledge will be valuable as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) fundamentally changes the Australian disability policy and program landscape,” Professor Darcy added. The research project will pilot an entrepreneurship program. “We hope to contribute to developing a process to assist a new generation of disability entrepreneurs,” said Professor Darcy, himself a power wheelchair user.

Media issued by the University of Technology, Sydney

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