Image caption: Dr Jenny Wang of the Children’s Cancer Institute.
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Children’s Cancer Institute researchers have made a world-first in discovering new properties essential to drug-resistant tumour cells that could revolutionise cancer treatment and reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy. The study led by ARC Future Fellow, Dr Jenny Wang, found cancer stem cells can be incredibly drug-resistant and a main cause of relapse in patients. “It’s critical we understand how they behave in order to target and eliminate them…By uncovering GPR84, we’ve made an important step towards this goal”. More often than not debilitating side-effects of chemotherapy are caused by cytotoxic drugs that indiscriminately attack rapidly dividing cells—both malignant and healthy. Understanding the different components of this mechanism in cancer stem cells will provide the opportunity to develop new therapies that will target these cells, while leaving normal, healthy cells untouched.

Media issued by Children’s Cancer Institute

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Image credit: Children’s Cancer Institute.