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Constructing the first Australian archive of disability arts

Constructing the first Australian archive of disability arts


A new project led by Professor Bree Hadley at the Queensland University of Technology, funded through the 2020 Special Research Initiative for Australian Society, History and Culture, aims to create the first archive documenting, analysing and theorising disability arts in Australia.

While Australia’s contemporary disability arts practices are celebrated globally, there is no archive, history or analysis articulating how initiatives in Australian culture, disability policy and arts policy over the last 50 years have directly led to the development of this influential body of work. This research team aims to address this gap by using participatory design to develop an online archive documenting the evolution of disability arts in in Australia.

This project will ultimately provide the historical and theoretical base of evidence required to support implementation of future policy by government agencies, arts organisations and artists, and in support of the National Arts and Disability Strategy.


Image Credit: Pexels.

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