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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A new ARC Future Fellowship led by Associate Professor Nicola Henry at RMIT University will investigate the efficacy of digital tools and interventions to detect, prevent and respond to image-based abuse (the non-consensual creation or distribution of intimate images). 

Through a digital ethnography, victim and stakeholder interviews, online surveys, and an AI chatbot, the project—receiving over $1 million in funding over four years—will generate evidence and theory on both image-based abuse and internet governance, and provide practical recommendations for digital platforms and services in their responses to image-based abuse in Australia and elsewhere that will directly benefit victims.

Expected benefits of the project include improved laws, policies and practices to tackle image-based abuse, as well as other forms of online violence, abuse and harassment. The project is also critically engaging in debates about the future of artificial intelligence, the limits of sovereign laws, the unprecedented power of technology companies, and the role of these platforms and services for regulating harmful content online.

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Image: maxpixel (Public Domain).