HMAS AE1, a submarine of the Royal Australian Navy
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Friday, July 5, 2019

A research team at Curtin University has received $461,783 through the ARC’s Linkage Projects scheme to recreate significant underwater cultural heritage sites, such as shipwrecks, in immersive underwater virtual heritage experiences. The sites to be explored are some of the most significant Australian shipwreck sites, including HMAS Sydney (II) and HMAS AE1.

The team, led by Dr Andrew Woods, will use photogrammetric 3D reconstruction techniques to generate complex digital 3D models of shipwreck sites from hundreds of thousands of underwater images. This will allow vivid experiences to be created, which explain the stories of these wrecks.

With additional support from the Western Australian Museum and the Australian National Maritime Museum, the project will conduct audience engagement studies to recommend the most appropriate methods to implement underwater virtual heritage experiences for Australian audiences.

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Image: HMAS AE1, a submarine of the Royal Australian Navy lost at sea in 1914, will be a target of the 3D survey. Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain).