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Emergency lights connect devices in "Internet of Things" powered buildings

Emergency lights connect devices in "Internet of Things" powered buildings

Full article issued by The University of New South Wales.

Smart building ecosystems are now possible thanks to a partnership between the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney and an Australian company, WBS Technology, which was assisted by funding through an ARC Linkage Projects grant. 

A wireless solution developed by the researchers is being used by WBS Technology to roll out technology that would allow buildings to monitor themselves, react to their surroundings, follow instructions from afar, and even talk to smartphones. Each exit sign or emergency light acts as a node in the network, passing information back and forth across a building. Other devices can be connected to the network allowing all of them to be controlled and monitored remotely.

The collaboration between the University engineers and the company began under UNSW's TechConnect incubator program, which led to an ARC Linkage project between the two, and finally culminated in an Innovation Connections Grant funding the commercialisation of the technology developed by the University.


UNSW's Dr Wen Hu (left) and Luke Gibbeson of WBS Technology with one of the emergency lights that make up the new smart building network at the Castle Hill apartment complex. Image Credit: Quentin Jones/UNSW

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