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FormFlow — New housing forms using iconic corrugated steel in bushfire zones

FormFlow — New housing forms using iconic corrugated steel in bushfire zones

Dr Matthew Dingle and Dr Matthias Weiss  (glasses and beard).

Full article issued as part of the 'Our Research' publication by the Australian Technology Network.

An innovative new production technology applied to corrugated steel will provide attractive, affordable, fire-rated housing solutions in bushfire zones. FormFlow was founded in 2016 by Dr Matthew Dingle and Dr Matthias Weiss, with the owners of Geelong’s award-winning engineering firm Austeng, Ross and Lyn George. Supported by a 2020 Linkage Projects grant, FormFlow is now a development partner of Bluescope, working to up-scale the new technology for manufacture.

Hosted within Deakin University’s ManuFutures advanced manufacturing innovation and acceleration hub, the FormFlow team developed an industrial-scale machine that bends corrugated steel sheets at sharp angles, while preserving structure, coating and strength. Applying the mathematical principles of origami, the result is a seamless, airtight structure, eliminating seams and capping, with six-star energy efficiency and enhanced fire resistance.

Students and academics from Deakin University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment have designed attractive, affordable modular homes using FormFlow. The company has a contract to supply transitional accommodation for homeless people and is now fielding many enquiries from bushfire-ravaged communities, where individuals needing to rebuild are desperately seeking affordable homes that comply with new fire ratings.


Dr Matthias Weiss and Dr Matthew Dingle. Image Credit: Deakin University.

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