Image: Mosquito in nature
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Researchers from The University of Queensland and The University of Sydney, with ARC Discovery Projects funding, have discovered a new virus carried by one of the country’s most common pest mosquitoes. The new virus—known as Parramatta River virus—infects only mosquitoes and doesn’t pose any direct health risks to people. Dr Jody Hobson-Peters said the discovery could pave the way to stopping outbreaks of mosquito-borne disease.“Viruses are typically viewed as harmful,” she said. “Rarely do we consider that some viruses may hold the key to fighting back against human disease. The presence of Parramatta River virus or other similar ‘good’ viruses in a mosquito may make it harder for the human disease-causing ‘bad’ viruses to also infect that mosquito, thus stopping disease transmission.”

Media issued by The University of Queensland

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Image by SweetCrisis