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How science, nature and school teachers inspired Australia’s best scientists

How science, nature and school teachers inspired Australia’s best scientists

Image: Australian Academy of Science logo.

Twenty-one of Australia’s best scientists—including 17 who have received ARC funding support—have been elected to the Australian Academy of Science, a rare and esteemed honour, for their outstanding contributions to science.

The scientists’ ground-breaking discoveries and contributions to research range from improving crop yields, women’s reproductive health and mobile telecommunications, through to our understanding of the evolution of the Earth, the periodic table and massive galaxies. The group was elected by their Academy peers, following a rigorous evaluation process.

Academy of Science President, Professor Andrew Holmes, congratulated all of the new Fellows for making significant and lasting impacts in their scientific disciplines. “What is delightful about our latest group of new Fellows is that many were inspired to become scientists at an early age,” Professor Holmes said. 

The new AAS fellows who have been supported by ARC funding are: Professor Philip Hugenholtz; Professor Jennifer Martin; Professor Tim Ralph; Professor Dietmar Müller; Professor John Patrick; Professor Branka Vucetic; Professor Jozef Gécz; Professor Igor Bray; Professor Thomas Davis; Associate Professor Jane Elith; Dr Anita Hill; Professor David Gardner; Professor Karl Glazebrook; Professor Cameron Jones; Professor Melissa Little; Professor Lois Salamonsen; and Professor Nicholas Wormald.

The Academy’s total fellowship now includes 524 scientists.

Media issued by the Australian Academy of Science.

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