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Humanitarian immigrant entrepreneurs

Humanitarian immigrant entrepreneurs

Image: University of Technology Sydney logo Image credit: University of Technology Sydney

Members of the Hazara community are overcoming high employment by embracing entrepreneurship. A new study by University of Technology Sydney researchers, supported by an ARC-funded Discovery Project, has shown that a significant percentage of Hazara refugees are establishing businesses in Adelaide.

“Hazara refugees arrive in Australia with little to no financial capital and a fragmented support network, but a significant percentage have overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers to establish businesses,” said Professor Jock Collins, who is leading the study into refugee entrepreneurship, which involved interviewing 31 refugee entrepreneurs from Adelaide’s Hazara community.

“The Hazara are a resilient, hardworking and determined community of refugees. Through their entrepreneurial endeavours, they are generating a better life for their families and jobs for fellow refugees, while contributing to their local refugee and cosmopolitan Australian local community.”

Through the study, the researchers are aiming to evaluate strategies and policies to improve humanitarian immigrant enterprises.

Media issued by the University of Technology Sydney.

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